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  • Free Vacation and Free Tablet promotion!
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  • Free Vacation
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As with most businesses, marketing is the key ingredient to your success.
Billions of dollars are spent on market research to determine who, where and when to market products and services.

The Tax industry is no exception.

Are you a “great” tax preparer? Most preparers think of themselves as knowledgeable and competent in their profession. Unfortunately being “great” is not always going to get you business.

We want to give our customers as many reasons possible to choose you over your competitors. When you join forces with No Limit Tax Refunds we help you do just that.

No Limit sets off the pre-season with a BANG! We offer a FREE VACATION with every free estimate. We aim to set you apart from the competition.

There are 9 vacation packages for your client to choose from.

3 Nights in Vegas or Cabo San Lucas are just a few. Understanding that many clients may not be able to afford travel there are 1, 2, 3, & 4 night hotel stays that can be used locally. Get creative. You can give away an UNLIMITED # of vacations.

And just to make sure they come back with their W-2 to complete the process we will give them a FREE TABLET!

Every client of No Limit Tax Refunds that receives a bank refund is entitled to a free tablet.

Simply check the tablet box in the software that charges a small s/h fee that can be deducted from their refund. It will be delivered to your office after the return has been processed.

Imagine what they will tell their friends…

Don’t forget the power of referrals. One of our offices completed 900 referral returns with one person sending 40 clients!!!

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it will take some hard work.

No Limit will provide you will ALL of the tools necessary as well as the instruction on how to use these tools.

Building a strong, repeat client base is what will make your business a success!

Packages Start As Low As $299

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No Limit Tax Refunds is a marketing and promotions company that does not provide E-file services*
available in offices with owner EFIN


Preparation fees are deducted and the balance is issued via printed check at funding. Print checks on site*


After preparation fees are deducted the balance is direct deposited into the clients bank account when funded eliminating the need for the client to come back for their check.


Hand your client their debit card at time of preparation. Refund minus preparation fees will be loaded at funding.

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Earn up to a $90 rebate on all bank products
We ADVANCE you your prep fees!
Over $34,000 in ONE WEEK!