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Our 50/50 package comes with all of our services and is a great way to start your tax business! Unlimited software and tax training is available to ensure your confidence when you are with a client. Our unlimited marketing & social media marketing strategy sessions will properly prepare gear you up for the season. 50% revenue split on prep fees.


With NLTR’s pro package you will have the ability to get your tax business off the ground. Hire multiple preparers, learn how to market your business and analyze your market all while earning 70% of the prep fees charged! Whether you are working from a home office or opening a retail location this is the best package for those serious about making an imprint in the industry!

NLTR Elite

With the NLTR’s Elite package you are on your way to becoming a major player in the tax business! Earn 80% of prep fees charged, earn income year round and hire as many preparers as you can handle! With the unlimited use of our promotions, bank products and $2500 cash advance this package will have you on your way to being established as a tax retailer in your market!

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