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What is required to become a preparer?


All preparers are required to obtain a PTIN- tax prepared identification number. This can be easily and quickly obtained online at www.irs.gov. A $64.50 application fee is charged and must be renewed every year. Complete instruction will be provided to upon enrollement.


Each location is required to obtain an EFIN – electronic filing identification number to transmit , or Efile returns. This process includes setting up an eservices account, completion of Efile application and undergoing a background and credit check. Complete instructions will be provided upon enrollement


The state of California also requires bonding in the amount of $2,500 and completion of CTECH. CTECH is a 60 hour online course covering the fundamentals of tax preparation. We can refer you to one of our partners for training upon enrollment.


NYTPRIN- New York Tax Preparer Registration Identification Number
The state of New York also requires tax prepares to undergo Continuing education and certificate of registration obtaining a NYTPRIN. Courses are free. Enroll at : Tax.ny.gov

If you reside in or plan to prepare returns for someone who resides in California or New York you must obtain and provide certification for CTECH and/or NYTPRIN PRIOR TO SUBMITTING RETURNS FOR EFILE.
NLTR does not provide E-file services. E-file services are provided through a 3rd party. All returns will undergo a review process and must meet minimum guidelines. All returns are reviewed by an Enrolled Agent and filed by a CPA. Available to those who 1) have not been denied participation in the IRS E-file program 2) Agree to adhere to applicable requirements set forth by the IRS 3) and to those whose PTIN is free of any investigation by any division of the IRS.
Please check with your state and/or city for any business licensing requirements that may be imposed.

E-File Service is available only to (1) those who have not been denied participation in IRS e-file, or suspended or expelled from participating in IRS e-file and (2) and those who agree to adhere to all applicable requirements for participation in IRS e-file wherever published (See, at minimum, Revenue Procedure 2007-40. IRS Publication 3112, and the IRS Website).

No Limit Tax Refunds is a marketing and promotions company that does not provide E-file services*
available in offices with owner EFIN

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